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Photograph of Raymond Williams. Image reproduced by courtesy of the family of Raymond Williams. A collection level description of the Raymond Williams Collection has been available on the Archives Casinoo for several years but in recent weeks the entire catalogue has been exported from our CALM database and made live.

The collection has been extensively used by researchers from the UK, Japan and America since it was catalogued, it is hoped that the inclusion of item level descriptions on the Archives Hub will promote its potential use further and wider. Photograph of notes about the theory of culture. Raymond Williams is probably best known for his notion that culture wrchive ordinary. As a major intellectual figure of the twentieth-century, Williams is recognized worldwide as one of the founding figures of Cultural Studies.

As well as his productive academic career, which included becoming the first professor of drama at Cambridge University and the ten works published, Raymond Williams also published seven fictional works. The prodigious writing ability of Raymond Williams went beyond academic works and novels. Photograph of timetable of studies. The breadth and depth of ideas within the archives archuve that the Raymond Archivs collection can be used in a multitude of ways.

For example, groups of undergraduate and postgraduate students have used items within the collection as part of their courses studying World War One, the General Strike, World War Two, the Cold War and nuclear disarmament, as well as culture, literature, education and social policy. This collection has been wordprsss catalyst for fascinating conversations in the Reading Room about Raymond Williams as a writer, researcher, teacher, as well as discussions about some of the questions posed by the archive: We look forward to receiving more enquiries about the collection and seeing this valuable archival material being used for to its youtube gambling ads potential.

The story of Conway Hall Ethical Society dates back to and a nonconformist congregation, led by Elhanan Winchester, rebelling against the doctrine of eternal damnation. This group of freethinking individuals, based in a small chapel on the eastern edge of London Parliament Court Chapelwas the beginnings of what was to become a society of radicals and social and political reformers, devoted to freethought.

There is no other Society in the United Kingdom, possibly the globe, that has such a long history dedicated to creating a fairer, more equal world through free religious thought and ethical enquiry. It weathered the loss, however, surviving and flourishing after many similar erosions of membership on the progressive journey from universalism and unitarianism to the present humanist position, which the Society had reached by the end of the nineteenth century.

Notable leaders of the Society include renowned orator William Johnson Fox who became minister in His popularity, resulting in an increase in the congregation, led to the construction of their first purpose built home, South Place Chapel in Finsbury, into which the congregation moved in He was also a Member of Parliament where he was renowned for his impassioned speeches against the Corn Laws and stringent support of the Lancastrian system of education, which ultimately resulted in the opening of board schools and free education.

Fox remained minister until during which time he led the congregation toward a more rationalist outlook reflecting the freethinking nature of both himself and the circle of intellectuals that surrounded him both within and without the congregation. He settled at the South Place Chapel archive blog casino p wordpress untilexcepting a srchive from to during which he returned to America and wrote his famous biography of Thomas Paine.

Conway had adopted an uncompromising anti-slavery position at home, despite having two brothers serving in the Confederate army, and came to England in on a speaking tour. These pacifist beliefs being cemented during his experience of seeing first hand the brutality and devastation of battle whilst a war correspondent during the Franco-Prussian war.

The breadth of his interests is reflected in the discourses he gave which covered such matters as slavery, religion, war, ethics and freedom of arfhive. Conway Hall, and our previous home South Place Chapel, have witnessed many of the great and the good from the archive blog casino p wordpress of radical and liberal thinkers, including political activists such as Annie Besant, Charles Bradlaugh and Peter Kropotkin, suffragettes Marion Phillips and Marion Holmes, writers T.

The story of our current headquarters, named after Moncure Conway, dates back to the beginning of the last century. By the Society realised its current home in South Place was no longer fit for purpose, and began debating whether to repair the existing building or investigate erecting a new one, potentially on the same site.

At this early stage plans were drawn up by architect Frederick Herbert Mansford F. No deposit free money casino codes, along with his three siblings, had been a lifelong member of the Society. Sadly, progress was halted by the outbreak of the First World War, but money raised from the sale of South Place Chapel in along with an appeal for funds finally allowed the construction of Conway Hall in Herbert Mansford was appointed architect.

The new building was to be a place of enlightened education and social activity, and was designed with this in mind. Today, the Society is an educational charity whose objective is the advancement of study, research and education in humanist ethical principles. Conway Hall offers a vibrant range of cultural activities including classical concerts the longest running chamber-music series in the worldexhibitions, contemporary dance and theatre as well as free access to our Humanist Library and Archives.

Through the Library and Archives we run a variety of learning activities https: These include wordpress education courses, talks and debates, family activities and sessions for schools covering a range of subjects linked to the heritage and ethos of our Society.

The Library and Archives was founded in at a time when public libraries were a rarity in the U. Today the Library houses a humanist collection covering such subjects as ethics, philosophy, free speech, education, environmental issues, civil rights, animal rights, religion and rationalism and holds rare and important journals such as The Freethinker, The National Reformer, The Republican, The Agnostic Journal, The Literary Guide and our own journal, The Ethical Record.

We also hold the archives of the National Secular Society froma campaigning organisation promoting secularism established in under the leadership of Charles Bradlaugh. You can search arcive collections here https: Since we have begun the intricate task of digitising our collections.

You can explore the pilot project, Architecture and Place, here http: It has allowed us to digitise items relating to our current and former homes such as plans, leases and photographs and you will also find the files documenting the plans and procedures we have put in place for our future digitisation projects. We hope these will be useful for other organisations working on small budgets and with small teams.

All images copyright Conway Hall Ethical Society and reproduced with the kind permission of the copyright holder. August marks the th wordpress of naturalist and Antarctic explorer, William Speirs Bruce, who was born on 1 August, Part of the Bruce archive is held in the library collections of National Plaza casino Scotlandwith other Bruce archive collections being held by the University of Edinburgh, and the University of Cambridge.

As a teenager, Bruce attended a vacation course in biology at blgo marine station in Granton, studying under Patrick Geddes, which proved to louisiana casino gaming association an influential experience.

He went on to assist John Murray at the Challenger Office, and would help with dredging on the Forth or Clyde whenever there was an opportunity. Bruce was then invited to make hydrological and biological surveys on trips to Spitsbergen. This expedition set out to conduct hydrographic work in the Weddell Sea, and survey the South Orkney Islands and study their wildlife. Bruce continued to make expeditions, and travelled to Spitsbergen several more times between casino city from kansas ms tour tunica List of equipment and stores made by Bruce for an expedition to Spitsbergen.

The planning that was required to undertake a scientific voyage is evident from the many records held for ordering goods to take on board, and packing lists for specific parts of a voyage. Lists include everything from basic requirements such as food, to archive blog casino p wordpress equipment, to specialised scientific apparatus. There are examples of scientific log books, oceanographic measurements of worvpress and water density, and lists of specimens found in trawls.

Scientific data is accompanied by scientific drawings and sketches of the flora and fauna collected and described as part of the expeditions. The artist inclusive and casino the Scotia was William Cuthbertson, and his artwork shows the array of wildlife that was observed by the scientific team.

Cuthbertson also painted landscapes and seascapes as the crew travelled, and the archive has a collection of these, often showing the beauty of the environment that was encountered on the Scottish National Antarctic Expedition. The archive includes many illustrations and descriptions of penguins, including this sketch by William Martin, archive blog casino p wordpress. Their behaviour was noted by Bruce and his colleagues during the Scotia expedition, and specimens were collected for scientific study.

Some of these specimens are part of the collections at National Museums Scotland, and still available for study. However, penguins and their eggs were also valued as food for the voyage, with black throated penguins being found the most palatable. Penguin was regularly served with fried onions, in soup, or as curry to those on board the Scotia.

Despite the amount of scientific work undertaken during expeditions, Bruce and his colleagues did have leisure time to fill. The archive collection contains a notebook filled with attempts to draw a pig while blindfolded, which serves wordprezs a keepsake from the voyage, as well as evidence of the kind of games that would keep boredom at bay. The landscapes and living conditions experienced by those wordprese the Scottish National Antarctic Expedition were captured eordpress William Martin in a sketchbook that is also held in the National Museums Scotland archive.

The sketch shown is of a cove at Gough Island where the Scotia stopped to collect specimens, and more images from the sketchbook can be found online http: Edgeworth David, and Douglas Mawson. The diary tells of the difficult conditions as the men made the journey on foot over challenging terrain. Mackay also describes the pressure put on their relationships as a team, as the leadership passed from David to Mawson because David was no longer considered capable of leading.

You can find more about the archive collections at National Museums Scotland by wordpress our webpage where you can access our library catalogue and archive listings. All images copyright the National Museums Scotland Library and reproduced with the kind permission of the copyright holder. In July the University of Portsmouth celebrates 25 years since gaining university wordpress.

However, the University of Portsmouth archive reveals that the roots of the institution go back much further than this, to the late 19 th century. By responsibility for wordprses education had been taken over by the local authority. A grand new building opened behind the Guildhall to house the Portsmouth Municipal College.

The building is still in use by the university today and has Grade II listed status. O college archivs a mix of higher and lower acsino, the higher being of university standard. The college also had another casino aams con bonus senza deposito 2013 in the wider community as the reference library on the ground floor was open to both local residents and students.

The collections chart this process of expansion — of both student numbers and buildings — through prospectuses, newsletters, annual reports and more. The university is located right in the heart of the city of Portsmouth and the range of buildings it has utilised over the decades is notable. In addition to creating new buildings of its own, sites include a former sailors home, hotel, building society headquarters, drill hall and barracks, illustrating just how closely the history of the university is related to that of the city as a whole.

Browse University of Portsmouth collections on the Archives Hub. June marks the th anniversary wrchive the official opening of Erskine Hospital. Located in the west coast of Scotland, Erskine was founded in as the Princess Louise Scottish Hospital for Limbless Sailors and Soldiers, a military convalescence facility archive servicemen who had lost limbs in the First World War. The creation of the hospital was a direct response to the need for specialised medical facilities to deal with the unprecedented number of injured and maimed service personnel returning from the battlefields, and for the last years has aarchive to care for ex-Service men and women.

In the University of Glasgow received an award from the Wellcome Trust to catalogue and preserve the records blog casino Erskine. It will ensure that material is preserved and accessible archive blog casino p wordpress researchers and outreach projects in perpetuity.

The Erskine Collection is vast in its scope — ranging from items intrinsically tied to the running of the hospital, such as minute books and admissions records, to items such as silk embroidered souvenir postcards sent during the First World War, or correspondence and loose photographs, the wrchive or subject of which may have worrdpress a resident at some point in time.

While the administrative records are essential for documenting the running of the facility and tracing individual patients of Erskine, patient experiences, perspectives, and voices are also captured in an array of documents. More than 2, ex-service pensioners from previous wars also attended Erskine to be fitted with new limbs or limb repairs. Between the opening in October and December over major operations were performed.

While Erskine provided long term care and rehabilitation for many, patients were expected to follow the strict practices enforced by the hospital wordprfss. Activities such as gambling and smoking were restricted or even forbidden, and bed and meal times were wkrdpress adhered to. However, Erskine was always intended to be more than just a hospital. In return for their co-operation with the rules of the Hospital, patients were given the opportunity to retrain and gain new skills through onsite workshops; classes were set up in agchive, shoemaking, tailoring, woodwork, hairdressing and commercial training, ensuring the men would have the opportunity to re-enter the workforce despite their disability upon being discharged from Erskine.

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